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P.L.E.A.S.E. Laser injection device for needlephobia patients

June 8th, 2010

Scared of needles? Pantec Biosolutions have their best method that provides needleless or painless injections for patients with trypanophobia. It’s a laser device called P.L.E.A.S.E. that presents NO needle to the patients and it gets the required job done as effectively as a needle does!

Bend this flexible display to zoom image

June 2nd, 2010

Toshiba has shown off a flexible display that requires you to bend it in order to zoom the images. While you bend it the image starts zooming in and bend it the other way will zoom out the image. The Toshiba flexible panel boasts a 800 x 600 resolution, has built-in sensor to detect the […]

Flyer Cafe interactive bar table

May 31st, 2010

Digital interactive bar table shouldn’t be too far from reality as something like the Microsoft Surface technology should make this possible. Here comes Flyer Cafe interactive bar table, which is currently just a concept by Luca De Rosso, an idea to have a bartender table to digitally display those public flyers usually found in the […]

Apple iPad gets Alice in Wonderland story e-book

April 13th, 2010

The Alice in Wonderland story book now comes in the form of e-book and has been made available by Atomic Antelope for the recently hottest gadget, Apple iPad. The Alice In Wonderland on the iPad is not just another story, it comes with some interactiveness and animations, allows kids to interact with the story when […]

Itazura Bank – cute and fun way to save your money

April 5th, 2010

Itazura Bank – a cute piggy bank that presents a lively and fun way to save your money. It’s also meant for animal lovers. Simply place your coin on the fish themed button, a meowing cat will gradually push open the box and use its paw to take your money a way. A few pictures […]

Super cute froggy alarm clock

March 25th, 2010

If you wish to wake up in songs sung by your Frog prince, the little cute froggy alarm clock shall go to your bed side. The cute alarm clock has two green frogs standing on top and it features an LCD display that shows you the time, date etc.

Ambulight PDT device allows photodynamic skin cancer therapy on the go

March 20th, 2010

Skin cancer patients used to be tied to clinical environment for having the photodynamic therapy treatment. But a little super portable device called the Ambulight PDT, has been developed by Ambicare Health of Fife, Scotland, which allows the patient to carry it around and carry out their own treatment while they’re on the go.

Spice up your home with Origami speakers

March 16th, 2010

If you’ve got the Origami toilet paper, the next item that you shall own to spice up your home with more Origami makeover is to get hold of the Origaudio Origami speakers.

Dell Inspiron Zino HD mini nettop gets reviewed

March 11th, 2010

Dell Inspiron Zino HD is the latest small form factor desktop computer by Dell. It’s definitely a cute and tiny one that suits most taste of girls. And some more it offers a selection of sleeves/lids with different colors and patterns, that makes it easily blend well with your stylish apartment and furniture.

Smart and cute tiny robots, Micro Pets-i

March 6th, 2010

The Japanese company Takara Tomy has had lots of cute and interesting gadgets that are great to have fun with and kill some time when your days are extremely boring. Here come some smart tiny robots, called the Micro Pets-i, which come in various cute shapes of animals.

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