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Metal detector shoes for treasure seekers

September 3rd, 2010

Some precious coins or metals might have been buried under the sand on the beaches that you always take a stroll with your puppy. If you’re keen on digging the hidden treasures, what you need is just carrying a metal detector. But if you do not want the additional burden on your arm for having […]

Samsung announces new compact HD camcoder – HMX-T10

September 2nd, 2010

Looking for a handy video camcorder to shoot your all big events in your life in full HD quality? Samsung has just added a new full HD camcorder, known as the Samsung HMX-T10 in its line. The device comes in a compact size, is priced at $299 only and has a 5.1-megapixel BSI (Back Side […]

Magicool scarf keeps you cool from neck down

August 26th, 2010

The Japanese will always have their unique way of keeping you cool or perhaps their way is the most effective to cool you down during the hot summer. The Magicool scarf is a product of the Japanese and to be worn around your neck and you have to fill it with water to keep you […]

Purifan – air purifying ceiling fan

August 19th, 2010

The Purifan is a new kind of ceiling fan that’s designed to replace the regular ceiling fan. The Purifan comes with built-in air purifying and filtering system that cleans the air. The filtering system consists of 5 stages, circulates over 2,000 cubic feet of air every minute. This is equivalent to supply new and fresh […]

Stealth Foot switch easily hides your Facebook, gaming windows while your boss passes by

August 17th, 2010

While you’re at work, your mind might be wandering around on Facebook or other online social networking or gaming sites. You computer should have full of Windows opening to those social networking and gaming sites. But of course, you’re worried of you’ll get caught while your supervisor or boss passes by.

Sharp brings “Plasma cluster” air conditioner tech to its air purifier

August 17th, 2010

Sharp wants you to stay cooler with fresher air by having released its new series of air purifier which comes equipped with the “Plasmacluster” technology that has been used in its air conditioners. The new Sharp Air purifier is a highly portable device which is codenamed as IG-CM1. The device keeps the surrounding air of […]

Bellybuds Pregnancy headphones play music for babies in the womb

August 16th, 2010

Pregnant moms who want to start educating their babies in the womb with music, can now make use of the Bellybuds headphones, which have been specially designed to send music into your womb for the baby. The headphones are to be attached on the mom’s belly and can be connected to any music source including […]

Portable digital TV – MyCube Desktop Multimedia MP4 Player

August 16th, 2010

Here comes the MyCube, a portable gadget that allows you to stay tuned to various services including DVB-T digital TV, FM radio and you can also play music and video in MP4. This little device is what you need to keep yourself entertained with digital TV program and FM radio at your cubicle or while […]

Samsung SHW-A250 full touch phone supports Mobile banking and electronic payment

August 16th, 2010

Samsung has unveiled its latest full touch mobile phone, known as Samsung SHW-A250, which comes with the support of Mobile banking and electronic payments, which provides the kind of convenience that you can make various financial transactions using your mobile phone.

Luggage Tag USB flash drive

August 13th, 2010

Luggage tags are handy to allow your luggages easily identified, which you can have your name, addresses written on the tags. So while you’re little unfortunate, the luggage has gone missing at the airport, if there is a tag on the luggage, those who’ve found it would be able to contact you and send it […]

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